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Custom Web based Internet and Intranet Applications

Web based Internet or Intranet applications enable you to access your data from any browser and it allows you to reach millions of people for very low cost. Web based Intranet applications can also serve as internal business applications as oposed to Windows desktop applications, depending on your environment and needs. Web based applications can be run from any browser and therefore they are easy to deploy and to maintain.

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Custom Relational Database driven Applications

Any application in todays fast environment, be it a Windows client or a Web based browser application, is backed up by data. Data is everywhere and it makes your business flow. A well designed database, that stores and provides the data you need when you need it is essential to any business. A professional database design prevents loss of data and also ensures the integrity of your data..

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Custom Windows Applications

A custom Windows application is a great choice for internal use business software as it offers complex user interface design and maximum user convenience which can dramatically increase the usability of the application and the productivity of the end user. Windows applications use the full power of the Windows operating system for single- and/or multi-user software applications.

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Informational Web Sites

We also develop informational Websites for businesses of any size. We stand by you throughout the websites lifecycle. We help you register your domain name, work with you on the design, develop and test your site and we even can host your new website on servers in a reliable data center.

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Website Content Management & Maintenance Service

To maintain your business website and keep its content up-to-date you can rely on our Content Management and Maintenance service. You send us the content in any format and we make sure it shows up on your site at the date you want it to be displayed.

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Why Custom Software Solutions are for you

Custom developt applications give you exactly what you need, taylored to your and your businesses requirements and to the workflow you are used to. Custom software applications do not require the user to learn new business processes, it just makes the current process more efficient.

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